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Crazy night at the races...

Not the way we wanted to end our second time out this season, but even in this we know that God is great and in control! My team is an amazing group of people that love God and work like none ive ever seen. I am so blessed to be with this group. We had been fighting things on the truck for the last 2 weeks and couldn't figure out what was going on. However after first practice we were still fighting and made a ton of changes to try and get the truck to respond. As we were getting ready to roll out my crew chief went to make a last minute change on sway bar and we found our problem. the sway bar mount apparently had been in the process of breaking and finally gave up... We worked up until 2 minutes before the race to fix it and thanks to Greg Marlowe and Aaron of PCW, Marshall Sutton, and Dillon Houser providing parts and service, as well as my team Kenneth, Dillon, Chris, Chris, Avery, Brian, and Roger for working together, and chasing parts, and welders down to make this happen. My Crew Chief Kenneth-Patricia Poteat did an amazing job of getting everything done and reset as well as organizing the team to make sure nothing got missed.

We would start the race dead last, and work our way to 5th. On the first restart, i would attempt to make a pass under the #30 truck and shouldn't have gotten under him at that point. We made contact, and he unfortunately spun. We were sent to the rear for aggressive driving. We took it without argument, however it truly was a racing deal and wasn't what i wanted to see happen. We would restart the race again in the rear and as we were trying to work our way back up i would end up under the #30 again coming off of turn 2, and well to the inside down the backstretch. Again he came down to run his line, but i was there and we would make heavy contact. No issue this time as we both stayed straight. However a few laps later as i was attempting to pass the #99 truck the #30 made contact with my left rear knocking me sideways and up into the #99. We got hooked together and then going off into turn 1 it felt as if the 30 hit us again which turned both myself and the #99. The 99 took the brunt of the damage as he backed it in the wall. I truly hate that he got caught up in this mess and his truck tore up, unfortunately i was along for the ride and trying to save it when we made contact. We would come back once more to finish 5th and just run out of time to make up anymore ground.

Again I cant thank everyone enough for all of your hard work, passion, love, support and kind words as we continue to grow this team and ministry. My true prayer is that God is glorified in all we do. Even through nights like last night our main goal is to react to situations in a God focused manner! Thanks to my sponsors for your support as well! Thanks Bill Mcneilly Electric, WrenchRags, Western Steer Family Steak House, Graphix Unlimited, Vintage City Church, The Skit Guys, Dream On 3, NCN Ministries, JE Diesel, ARbodies, Customer Centered Strategies, and NCN Photography. Thank you Lord for a safe race and for your many blessings even in time of struggle. thanks to all who help make this possible!

I also want to say congrats to my brother on a great race in his Limited car and the opportunity to make his Late Model debut! Congrats Chris!

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