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What does it cost to host an event? 

- lets talk. Bring your budget and ideas and we will grow from there! 

Where will you travel for an event?

 - Simple - anywhere God will open a door for us to Worship.

What will it cost to bring your team? 

 -  What is your budget? Lets start there and see what we can do. We have never set a price for an event. We normally operate off of Love offerings and ask that our expenses be covered for the event. (Don't worry, we don't do room service or expensive meals) We trust that God will lead and provide for our team. We would love to get thru the important stuff first and then discuss money. I never want money to be the determining factor. We will work with your team to the best of our ability. 

Do I have to do an event with the truck?

 - Absolutely not. In fact we do more ministry events without the truck than with. And we talk more than just about racing. In fact we don't even have to mention it. 

Do I have to do an event focused around racing?

 - Absolutely not. Our number one goal is to share the gospel, and equip students with the tools to live effective Christian lives. 

Do we have to bring the entire team?

 - Not at all. We can do anything from just Allen coming to our entire team and everything in between. We also have some leads with local bands that can help lead worship if you like. 

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