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I believe our students are not just our future, but they are our leaders of today!

Our Speaker, Allen has shared messages of hope in Schools of all ages from Elementary to middle school, High School and Colleges.

With our school programs we discuss topics from: 

Being the Leader we have been called to be

We all are called to be leaders. Being a Leader doesnt mean being a President, or Mayor, or someone in Authority... A leader is more about choosing to do the right things even when no one else is watching. Its about leading initiatives, being a spokesperson for your cause, Standing up for whats right, and making your world a better place!  In this session we look at doing just that! What kind of Leader are you?

How to overcome and beat a bully without throwing a punch 

Regardless of our skin color, size, shape, or ethnicity each of us are created equally. With that said, we live in a world that can be cruel down to its core. During this session, we discuss how to overcome a bully without being pushed around. As Allen shares his personal stories of being bullied and how he overcame those bullies, students will learn their importance of not giving a bully power. 1 in 10 students are bullied reguarly and 30% of students who are bullied resort to Suicide... this has to stop!! 

Dreams to Reality - Be anyone you want to be!

Fighting through all of the negativity in this world are students and adults who have big dreams... Some dream to fly to Space, others dream to be a President, others to own big companies, to be teachers, police, doctors.... Others dream to go fast... What is your dream? Through this session we discuss how to make your dreams happen, how to push through even when the world it seems is against you! Allen will share numerous stories of how against all odds he made it to NASCAR because he never gave up on his dream of racing cars!

How to not give into Peer pressure - The importance of choosing our friends wisely

You are who you hang with... 

Ive heard that more than once in my lifetime and it is so true.. My parents use to always tell me i needed to choose my friends wisely. To make it through this life, we need to have those who are willing to fight with us. Through this session we discuss the importance of that and of having friends that will help us not hurt us. 

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