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Weekend at Crossroad Baptist Church

what an awesome weekend! Instead of at the racetrack I spent it at Crossroads Baptist Church in a fast paced weekend revival (renewal) weekend. I had the privilege to share 6 messages with the students there and was awesome to see them open up, share, and respond to the Gospel. My prayer is that they never saw me, but that they truly experienced God through the weekend. 2 quick stories that mean so much to me. There was one student that walked over an hour on the first night just to come to church...

Yes... you read that correctly. a STUDENT walked an HOUR just to make it to church. He couldnt find a ride, and wasnt going to miss it.. And we complain when we have a 10 minute drive... Secondly, to talk with the students and hear there concerns, and prayers not only for determining to walk closer with God, but to hear and see their prayers for lost loved ones, and friends.. Each of them are being prayed for by name. that was my promise to them as long as they promised to continue to pray for them as well. Now back to work... :(Man, i truly love ministry... I love seeing God move in peoples lives.. Have a great night! See everyone next week at the track for round 2 of the NWAAS at Hickory Motor Speedway!

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